Since 1997, Team [SF] has been an online gaming community that values maturity, professionalism, and fun times. Experience our team by joining as a BFV member today!
Team Special Forces
Battlefield V

Choosing a Battlefield V clan doesn't have to be a struggle. There's only one team active since 1997 with the gaming resources you need. Team Special Forces.

Team Special Forces runs the most popular BF5 Discord server which is also known as the best BFV Discord server and also runs the most popular BF5 TeamSpeak server as well as the best BFV TeamSpeak server.
Serious and Organized

We've been operating as a team, without missing a single day, since our founding in 1997. Our leadership is active every day keeping our community going and is always responsive to the needs of the player.

Enjoyable and Open

Our team has an easy-going and enjoyable atmosphere. We accept people from all over the world and have a diverse community. Our stability minimizes drama and maximizes activity and fun.

Resources for the Gamer

In addition to high-quality game servers, we provide our members with redundant premium TeamSpeak 3 servers for voice communication, private forums and data tools, and the flexibility to utilize them effectively.

Let's compare... The typical clan The "pro" clan Team Special Forces
Hosts their own dedicated game server(s)      
Has a competent website and their own voice server for communication      
Plays in matches frequently, plans strategy and schedule in advance      
Has an open and welcoming atmosphere for new people      
Has redundant dedicated voice servers to ensure availability      
Leaders want to hear your input and are truly open to change      
Has been gaming consistently since 1997 and has hundreds of alumni      
Low-drama and free of the typical "clan politics"      
Recruitment is open to everyone, with no referral from a member needed      
Mature and Professional

Many of our members are at least in their 20s and those who are in their teens are expected to show a developed sense of maturity in order to join. We pride ourselves on our professional image and spirit.

Ready for Competition

In Battlefield V, we aim to offer competition opportunities for our members, holding regular practices and preparing seriously for matches. Every match will be hard-fought with skill and determination.

Refuge for Casual Players

If you're not interested in playing in matches, no sweat. Our team has offerings for casual players who want reliable public games with great teammates.

Battlefield V is made for strategy and teamwork.
It's time to expect more from gaming online.
It's time to experience Team Special Forces.

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